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BBDeck®, Inc. is a company founded on the single goal of solving the function and aesthetic issues related to pool cover decking design.


Mike Bouiss

Mike Bouiss


Cam Bouiss

Cam Bouiss

Vice President

Rob Breier

Rob Breier

Technical Consultant

Associated with Award winning pool installations, BBDeck®, Inc. holds the most advanced and universally adaptable patented design concept for a ‘Pool Cover Decking System’ which satisfies the rigorous demands for aesthetics, strength and immediate effortless accessibility.

We are registered design professionals with decades of experience in serving the most demanding of clients in the field of custom engineering for residential and commercial projects. BBDeck®, Inc. is committed to configuring our decking system to allow for the full customization required to meet your proposed pool design criteria.

Launched with more than 40 years of engineering design experience by founder Mike Bouiss, PE, this simple yet pleasing solution gives new opportunities to that end of the pool where ‘bracket and tray lid systems’ fall short. The hydraulically operated mono-deck system is capable of supporting a wide variety of decking loads and finishes from wood to stone/pavers to poured-in-place concrete.

There are few pools which use automatic pool covers that would not be markedly enhanced by the installation of the BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System.


We recently completed an indoor BB Deck installation and along with the Owners could not be more pleased with its appearance and operation. On previous pools we’ve designed lift-off pavers on removable brackets over pool cover rolls and have always found the installation lacking; there were multiple joints, the pavers often rocked, and removing the pavers and brackets to access the pool cover was close to an all-day project. BB Deck solves all of these problems while providing nearly limitless options for deck surfacing. We can’t wait to use it again!

Marvin J. Anderson AIA
Marvin Anderson Architects PLLC
Seattle, WA

One of the big advantages I see with the BBDeck®, Inc. system is that you’re not compromising one end of the pool. All other pool cover systems require some sort of an access point at one end of the pool which limits the use of the pool from that end. BBDeck®, Inc. doesn’t require any sort of a compromise at one end of the pool either for function, for the end user, or in the design of the pool deck and the pool coping.

Another big advantage is that you’re able to work with any material you want for the surface around the pool, whether it’s wood, pavers, big pavers, small, or irregularly sized stones.

I think that pool contractors should look more strongly at the BBDeck®, Inc. system than what they’re using already. For long term maintenance and long term costs of repair work (being able to come back in and work on a project), it’s actually going to simplify their work. It’s a much more stable system to work off than the previous tray systems. Here everything’s all contained. It’s easy to open and ready to go.

Tor Jensen
Engelmann, Inc.
Sun Valley, ID

The old problems of supporting pool decking over the retractable cover vault and gaining easy access to the vault for maintenance are solved! When I was first introduced to this product I was stunned by its simplicity, the strength of the platform, and the ease of function. Not only does the BBDeck®, Inc. structurally support any decking material from wood to stone, you can secure a diving board to it, and to top it off you gain easy access to the vault with the turn of a key.

The days of having to unload unsecured pool decking material off of a ledge to maintain a pool cover, and reloading it back on, are done. Pool cover maintenance becomes easier and cheaper, not to mention safer, and the ability to secure any decking material to the cover is aesthetically a much better installation. THANKS MIKE AND CAM; I AM COMPLETELY SOLD.

Bill Sherrerd
Sherrerd and Wall Construction
Sun Valley, ID