In the world of in-ground gunite swimming pools, there are few drawbacks when deciding to implement an automatic pool cover. First and foremost, they save numerous lives every year in child drowning prevention. Secondly, they greatly reduce energy loss, save substantially on maintenance costs and ultimately save money. Yes, all of these wonderful qualities come with the purchase of an automatic cover. Or is that true? You might be surprised to learn the real truth about automatic pool covers.

Every once in a while you will hear the common complaint of so and so’s automatic pool cover malfunctioning; such as a bound cable, busting a shear-pin or even getting a tear in the fabric. Everyone knows that these types of issues will inherently come up when owning such a complex mechanical device operating in the harsh environments of a swimming pool. These are problems that even the pool cover manufacturer and supplier will inform you about. Gee that’s nice of them. Surprisingly, there is one very BIG problem with the implementation of any automatic pool cover that the industry doesn’t adequately inform the end user about. That is: once the decision to install an automatic pool cover is made, the end user instantly, unknowingly has sacrificed one entire edge of the swimming pool perimeter. That means that on a normal four sided pool, the edge/coping of the pool in which the automatic cover is housed is no longer of equal value to the other ‘three’ edges.

Why does this compromise happen? It happens because pool cover manufacturers have never made it a priority to conceal the cover mechanism while maintaining the integrity of the pool coping. Three severe pitfalls occur when adding an automatic cover. The immediate loss of overall aesthetic appeal, an obvious loss in coping strength, and accessibility to the cover mechanism. Apparently, the industry’s current standard known as the walk-on-tray lid (aka, glorified shelf bracket) is supposed to suffice.

What can be done about this unfortunate compromise? This is where BBDeck, Inc. gives the end user back their lofty investment by offering the industry’s only custom designed ‘rotating’ mono-deck. BBDeck’s unique patented design method is custom tailored to each specific application and virtually has limitless options. The sole function of a BBDeck is to universally complement your automatic pool cover by blending in seamlessly with the swimming pool environment and eliminating any compromise to the investment. Fortunately, for those who have been victims of such unforeseen compromise, BBDeck can be retrofitted to nearly any condition in order to reclaim the loss.

Because BBDeck does not provide automatic pool covers, you will rarely find a cover representative advocating anything less than the infamous walk-on-tray lids. In the end, there is no comparison between the two options and it’s crucial for the end user to know what they’re getting. Don’t be a victim of your own automatic pool cover drawbacks and let BBDeck make your project a truly unique, long-lasting and satisfying experience.