Swimming Pools Press Release – 2014

By October 5, 2017News

Hydraulic Pool Cover | Pool | Pool Cover | Sun Valley IdahoAll swimming pools with automatic covers need the BBDeck Pool Cover Decking System.

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO — The various compromises associated with concealing automatic pool covers has been solved once and for all with the invention of the BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System. The edge of the pool that has historically been ignored can now be celebrated with the implementation of BBDeck’s remotely operated patented mono deck.

BBDeck®, Inc. is a company founded on the single goal of solving the function and aesthetic issues related to pool cover decking design.

Associated with award winning pool installations, BBDeck®, Inc. holds the most advanced and universal adaptable design concept for a ‘Pool Cover Decking System,’ which satisfies the rigorous demands for aesthetics, strength and immediate effortless accessibility.

“The simple and unique ability of the BBDeck system to conceal pool covers and mechanisms is extremely satisfying,” said President Michael Bouiss. “It contributes a solid solution to a previously unresolved problem area of the swimming pool. Now offering homeowners, design professionals and developers with a new option for automatic pool cover concealment, BBDeck, Inc. excels in providing custom design and world class craftsmanship on every project.”

All pools which use automatic pool covers would be markedly enhanced by the installation of the BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System.

BBDeck has been added to custom pool projects across the nation including Sun Valley, Idaho, East Hampton, New York and Malibu, Calif. The pool and spa industry’s need for this unique system is essential as pools and spas have become showpiece design fixtures for discriminating homeowners, resorts and private clubs.

BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System has been part of numerous award-winning designs including the Association of Pool & Spa Professional International Awards of Excellence award in the Residential Pools with Automatic Covers. As a retrofit, BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System was a primary contributor for the International Awards of Excellence category in the Pool Renovations.

“We recently completed an indoor BBDeck installation,” said Marvin J. Anderson AIA of Marvin Anderson Architects PLLC in Seattle, Wash. “Along with the owners, we could not be more pleased with its appearance and operation. On previous pools, we’ve designed lift-off pavers on removable brackets over pool cover rolls and have always found the installation lacking. There were multiple joints, the pavers often rocked and removing the pavers and brackets to access the pool cover was close to an all-day project. BBDeck solves all of these problems while providing nearly limitless options for deck surfacing. We can’t wait to use it again.”

About BBDeck®, Inc.

Registered design professionals with decades of experience in serving the most demanding of clients in the field of custom engineering for residential, commercial and mechanical projects. BBDeck®, Inc. is committed to configuring our decking system to allow for the full customization required to meet your most imaginative pool design criteria.

For more information, visit email info@bbdeck.com or call 800-972-5032. For press inquires, email sdanap@gmail.com.