Pool Cover Decking System | Press Release: 2006

By October 5, 2017News

The BBDeck®, Inc. Pool Cover Decking System now operates hydraulically.

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If you have a swimming pool, or know someone who does, you may have encountered this problem. Powered pool covers on a roller are great for keeping debris out of the water, and to keep the water warm. But they make one side of the pool just about unuseable. The side that has the roller is unsupported its entire length, so it is springy, and the pool owners usually don’t want you to sit on the edge because of its weakness. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be made solid and strong enough to support people walking on the deck, sitting on the edge, and allowing that side to be used normally? It would basically be a movable pool cover deck that offered full support, and allows you to enclose your pool cover.Capture0323200675926_am

A Ketchum, Idaho (home of the Sun Valley resort) structural engineer, Mike Bouiss, had an idea on how to fix that. He built a deck that hides the pool cover, and is a rotating pool cover deck that is fully supported by a cantilevered lip, and flips open for access to the pool cover, roller, motor, and other equipment. With the BB Deck, the edge of the pool is fully usable on the edge where that pool cover is stored, and one can walk on the rotating deck . The deck can conceal the pool cover in a very aesthetic fashion, and provides a tray lid alternative in the form of a rotating walk on tray lid which can enclose your pool cover.


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